1. We propose a career-based, Academy-style modern high school. By embracing the Academy culture, our program affords students a sense of purpose and identity.

Our Interest Survey (n = 152) was emailed to the entire student body of Morristown High School in New Jersey, with 152 respondents. The question asked was, Are you in favor of the Academy program (as described in the TEDx Talk) being implemented in high school? The results:

2. We propose an integrated, modular, standalone mentoring program that benefits both the professional mentor and the primary student. These programs are entirely run by volunteer professional students and require no change at all to participating high schools. Example: NJMS Squared, a successful mentoring program in inner-city Newark co-founded by one of our founders.

New Jersey Senator and past mayor of Newark Cory Booker commended an early prototype of the program as "incredible." Each year, nearly one hundred new medical students one-on-one mentor at-risk inner-city high school students.

3. We propose the revitalization of the professional apprenticeship. This will address the lack of hands-on experiences in primary education.

4. We propose modular, community-based arts academies for students to learn their strengths, collaborate with peers, stay off the streets, and create real products. We partner high schools with local universities in order to provide a consistent, quality experience in an equipped, fully-staffed facility.

5. We propose a unifying voice, an ambassador to the popular culture.

All five programs exist as standalone operations and were specifically designed to require minimal administrative work on the part of participating high schools.

As a grassroots movement, we can only succeed with your help. Whether you are a student, teacher, administrator, college student, professional student, or community volunteer, we need you to Join the Academy Revolution.

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