Step 1. RWA creates a custom draft proposal for your school by...

  • Vertically organizing your existing curriculum into Academies
  • Categorizing electives into specific tracks
  • Examining the surrounding community for mentorship opportunities
  • Creating custom Academy names, track selections, and complimentary education initiatives for your school

Step 2. Your school nominates a team of educators to collaborate with RWA. Together, we strengthen the logistics of our initial proposal by...

  • Detailing schedule management for each Academy
  • Integrating district and state requirements into our plan
  • Finalizing other initiatives such as genius blocks, capstone projects, etc.
  • Outlining an education budget (if necessary)

Step 3. RWA receives final approval from District Leaders and School Boards to initiate our plan during the following school year by...

  • Solidifying the proposal from all four perspectives (student, teacher, parent, administrator)
  • Finalizing the education budget (if necessary)

Step 4. Your school is Real World Certified!

  • RWA continually communicates with your school to ensure fluidity between Academies.
  • RWA collects statistics on student/teacher morale to guarantee satisfaction.


Timeline. RWA functions as fast as you do!


Contact us here to nominate your school.