What you can do as a teacher or guidance counselor.

  • Witness the 'butterfly effect.' Change the lives of tens of thousands of students over the years by helping implement RWA at even a single school!
  • Make a name for yourself. Enrich your professional portfolio and reputation by becoming an innovator in Academy-style systems.
  • Express your creativity. Play a key role in the construction and design of custom RWA proposals. Help change your own school as well!
  • Change communities. Redesign curricula, create additional education initiatives, and integrate the community.

Click here to join if you are a teacher or guidance counselor (present or former).


 What you can do as a high school student.

  • Spread the word. Survey your fellow students at your high school, with a simple, already-made, one-click survey, asking if they would prefer the current system or an Academy-style system. We cannot move forward without student support.
  • Become a visionary leader. Present the results to your principal, superintendent, and/or school board.
  • Take steps towards change. If there is interest, contact us or have the school contact us, and we will evaluate the school structure and course offerings to come up with a comprehensive plan to present to the school board. 


How undergraduates can help.

  • Do field work. You will be joining the committee on one of our local high school projects, along with a team of other local undergraduates that you can help create. Your job would be to learn the school's syllabus and develop a comprehensive academy plan to present to the school board.
  • Become a leader. You can also help us recruit other volunteer interns to make our movement self-sustainable!
  • Get published. Help us collect data on RWA to be used in future publications!


  • Making a difference. If there is any greater volunteer opportunity than changing thousands of students' lives and leaving your permanent mark on an educational institution simply as a volunteer intern, we do not know of it!
  • Changing the world. Joining and contributing the grassroots movement of career-based, academy style high school education.
  • Life experience. Volunteer hours for applications/CVs.
  • Become a professional. An effective way to demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and a commitment to education to your employers/graduate school.


How professional students (medicine, law, and beyond) can help mentor.

  • Leave your legacy at your school and community. By helping us establish a mentoring program between your medical/law school and a local high school (i.e. founding a student organization), you will leave your legacy and help inspire thousands of high school students to achieve greatness.
  • Become someone's hero. By beginning in first year, a Mentor will DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY get involved and have an impact on  the community in which their medical/law school is located. The time commitment is minimal and perfectly complements the medical school schedule (weekly or biweekly involvement in early years, as-needed help during final year(s)).
  • Become a true "DOCTOR." Being a 'doctor' (medical or juris) means being a teacher. In medicine, residency programs are increasingly looking for students who are strong teachers as well as leaders. In law, community involvement and altruism will set you apart. We need to redefine the role of the professional in society to be not only an expert, but a champion of the community.


How superintendents, principals, board members, and parents can help.

Leave your mark. We need visionary leaders to be inspired by our cause and be willing to let us evaluate and present our plans to the superintendent/leadership. Without community interest, it is difficult to implement change.