• Leave your legacy at your school and community. By helping us establish a mentoring program between your medical/law school and a local high school (i.e. founding a student organization), you will leave your legacy at your school and help inspire thousands of high school students throughout the years to achieve greatness. Your reputation in the medical and scholastic community will grow exponentially.
  • Become someone's hero. By beginning in first year, a Mentor will DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY get involved and have an impact on  the community in which their medical/law school is located. The time commitment is minimal and perfectly complements the medical school schedule (weekly or biweekly involvement in early years, as-needed help during final year(s)).
  • Re-inventing the idea of "doctor." Being a 'doctor' (medical or juris) means being a teacher. In medicine, residency programs are increasingly looking for students who are strong teachers as well as leaders. In law, community involvement and altruism will set you apart. We need to redefine the role of the professional in society to be not only an expert, but a champion of the community.
  • Immediacy of action. By beginning in first year, a Mentor will DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY get involved and have an impact on  the community in which their medical school is located. In the first two years of school, students are often eager to help but realize that there is often very little to do. We are here to change that. Build your confidence and happiness during the grind of studying and make a difference!
  • Doing real service. Many medical school organizations are well-intentioned, but either have a minimal impact or are mostly about fundraising and not about SERVICE. Make the boring MS1/MS2 study years fulfilling and exciting!
  • Invest in the community. Mentors are investing in the future of the community from a young age.


The already-existing infrastructure of medical/professional school complements the function of a mentoring program for high school students, and we have had huge success with this concept.


  • Usually reside in large cities, especially at-risk urban areas
  • Strongly encourage community outreach programs on many levels
  • Contain a passionate and skilled population of well-rounded students eager to get involved in their new community
  • Contain a student population that is both pre-professional but not yet seen as another 'authority figure' by the high school students. It is the perfect age at which to mentor.
  • Allow for the infrastructure to create student groups and host chapters of third-party organizations (American Medical Association, etc.)
  • Admit the most humanistic and engaged students through a rigorous interview season
  • Receive grants and incentive for students to participate in community activities
  • Desire improved communication, leadership, and teaching skills in their graduates to better prepare them for residency
  • Are at increased pressure to do good in the community
  • Function to train future doctors, and the term doctor means ‘TEACHER’!


We are inspired by our proof-of-concept program NJMS Squared at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, which just in its first couple of months, quickly gained over 110 mentor-mentee pairs and is making huge changes in the at-risk Science Park high school in Newark, New Jersey, a city that has garnered national attention for both its crime rate and struggling school system. The program is now, in the words of the staff, a vital resource to the young people of Newark. When Senator Cory Booker heard about our program, he commended it as "incredible" and thanked us for our service. We hope to follow in their success and expand the idea to fit a broader profile of all high schools of all socioeconomic status.


Great! Email us at , and we will send simple instructions on how to quickly found a chapter at your school. These are tried-and-tested methods so you can have an impact ASAP!